Mary G.

"With the services that they provide here, I feel like I get good value for my money, and I can enjoy every minute. If there was one thing I could tell recent retirees about this community, it would be, do it now. The sooner you make the decision to move to a community like this, the more you’ll enjoy yourself."


Jack & Anne D.

"Sunset Place has a homey atmosphere, warm people, and year round activities and festivities. It is an affordable and recommendable retirement center."


Susan R.

"I've been a resident at Sunset Place since April, 1999. This place impressed me the most.

"I'm treated like family. The staff is always courteous and always have a smile to share with you. I'm glad to be here and I highly recommend this home to others."

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Sunset Place
123 Main Street
Anytown, NY 10101